Tell me your sport and I'll tell who are you


¿Do you like sports and playing games? Now it's time for a little game. You just have to answer a simple question: ¿What's your favourite sport?

Sports, a word that say us a lot like what do you like to do, what color you prefer, and the effort that you do.

Each sport has different requirements.

Do you imagine basketball without shorts? Soccer whitout special tennis? Swimming without swimming cap? Tennis without the network? And all like this, it can seem like simple things, or not.

We really know a thing: requirements.

All sports has specific requriments, techlogy is advancing, but we want to cover all your needs in the best possible way.

We want to introduce to you our protagonists of the day:

-          smartPEA

-          smartBEE

smartPEA , a miniphone with dual SIM and a lot of functionalities in the sport’s world.

On the one hand, we have this pone that you can sincronize your smartphone with bluetooth or you can put your SIM on it, all

to have your information, to call, to text…

It has functions like the calendar, calls, and mp3. All in your hand (or less). You don’t really know if you have it or not.

 Well, we know you are thinkg WHAT IS TOO SPECIAL to do sports or to give it to the child to be in contact with they.

It has 38 hours of battery, more telephone coverage and confort, so you can forget about the weight and the chargator to go to do sports.With your miniphone you will never be withou coverage anywhere, you will always connected with the world when you are running up the mountain or even up to Everest.

And in case that you forget top ut it load or you don’t hace where to do it, because we have all seen those scenes in the movies in which the protagonist runs out of battery ansa ll the problems begin. That would not happen if they had a smartPEA (Although it is also true that the plot would not be the same)

Anyway, you can be the protagonist with good ideas and tools in any situation and turn your horror film into a Marvel film.

smartBEE , another phone, but it your wrist. An incredible smartwatch made for you.

It works whit Android and iOS (you can use Google Maps if you need), it is tactile, and it has the option tu put your SIM.

But STOP, we know that you have seen a lot of smartwhatches in the market. This is not the same as the others. We have made a thousand of proves to improve the usability and the design. All made in Spain.

The functions that have this little smartwatch are: know your your heart rate, monitor your sleep and mark your resting hours, podometer, alarm, mp3 player and also it is resistant to water.

To have all to 100% you only have to wait to hours, and it depends to de model you want, you can have a personal smartwatch.

Elegant, useful and discreet would be the adjectives in which we coudl summarize this product.

It will be your perfect ally wherever you are, since mountain and until the office.

 smartwatch 2

What do you think about these products? Do you want to know more about them? You can discover more in the next post.

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