Digital revolution. What would you choose?


Technolgy changed our lifes forever. Some people think that the future it’s in technology and other part that don’t agree.

¿How do you think it changed your life?

Let’s take a look at the past. ¿Do you remember the first music players?

The first ones were the “Walkman” and then “cassette”. They were created as a portable substitute of vinyl cd.

Since 1964, Philips started to produce this kind of portable dispositive for playing music and saving your favourite songs.  Short time after the “discman” and other cd reproductors appeared.

Apple appeared too with his digital music reproductor (iPod) and lead the sales in that time.

These days we can see technology in almost everything. Now, people can buy a lot of things through internet. So ecommerces are taking the lead little by little.

The digital revolution has changed people's habits.

According to an study, online purchases, Spanish users with a credit card have increased their spending on online purchases by 71% in just five years. And according to the 'II Bankintercard Report', prepared by Bankinter Consumer Finance, which shows how the digital revolution It has changed the consumption habits of citizens.

Three or four years ago, have you ever imagined that you could buy something form China that  easily? (And also arrives safely)

Internet and the arrival of smartphones has helped this digital transformation.

Have you also noticed that now in most buses or shopping centers there are USB platforms to charge your smartphone?

 The habits of people change at the same time as their needs.

Another example has been the appearance of online TV platforms such as netfliz or HBO.

Netflix, HBO,smartwatch (smartBEE)etc…

Under the motto of seeing what you want and whenever you want, Netflix was born. It is a platform that, in recent years, has revolutionized the way you consume audiovisual products (movies, series or documentaries)

This type of invention has been the great salvation of our "empty" leisure time.

Now we have the power to choose what to see and when to see it (and we love it!)

With a smartwatch we can already measure our heart rate, resting hours and even some have integrated GPS if you ever need it.

If you want to buy a smart watch, take a look at our smartBEE, they are made in Spain with the best technology of Asia.

Now it's your turn to choose, if I gave you now to choose between these two options, what would you choose?

1- Using the GPS or asking someone the directions

2- Send a letter or email

3- Not having wifi in a telephone or wifi without a telephone

4- Listen to music on your mobile or mp3 player

5- Buy physically in the store or online.

Write it in the comments your opinion. In smartable we like to approach to everybody the internet of things. Do not be afraid to evolve and take another step!

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