How we can have a safe website and not lose track


First of all, we have to talk about websites, do you have one?

Websites are an important element in your business to start and to follow your goals. It is a window from your business to the digital world.

Nowadays, we do everything on Internet. If your business does not have a website it can be a mistake because your customers will want to pry, get information, and finally buy, and it will be a really headache, and losses too.

When you finally get your website, with your design, all how you want and your costumer likes, there is a thing that we usually doesn’t remember:

Security. Web security. SSL Certificate.

We usually think in the word “security” as a person who take care about our building, a security cameras, or even the strongbox where you can keep the money…

But this word is something more and we can apply it to digital world.
Because in the digital world we have to consider certain security measures (specially if you have an e-commerce)

And here is where we are going to talk about the SSL cerficate

First question: what is that and why I it can help me with the security?

Well, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a secure connection protocol that encrypts all the information making the data travel in a safe and complete. All the information between a server and a web user will be encrypted. This type of data could be personal data or the number of the credit card, among others.

We can talk about the HTTPS too. It means “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure”, and this letters are in front of the web domain, but a lot of people doesn’t know what is the meaning of this letters.

They mean that the web that we are visiting has a SSL certificate and our data are safe.

You can see if a website has it or not. If you can see a green padlock on the left of the URL, it means that it has.

Maybe you are thinking:


To answers this, first you have to do yourself some questions:

1. Does my website have forms with personal data?


2. Does my website have delicate information of my customers?


3. Do I sell products or services online?


If you said YES to some of the questions, you have to have a SSL certificate, because the security is not a joke, and it will be better to your costumers and to you.

Besides, in july Google is looking for websites that doesn’t have this security protocol and punish them in some way. If you alredy have this protocol: you are amazing! Google will reward you.

How to install a SSL certificate?

There are a lot of videos on internet that show you how to install it. Sometimes it is easy to install because it is included in the pack when you buy the web domain.

But if you don’t have this pack with the certificate, you should buy one (or use a free SSL) and install it in your website.

For example, the guys of webempresa offer a free SSL certificate when you buy some of their hosting packs. The instalation is very easy: in your hosting menu you only have to activate the option of certificates, follow the steps, and that’s all!

If you don’t use wordpress, ask to your web designer, programmer or hosting company to see all the options that you have and choose the bettter option for you.

En smartable nos tomamos muy en serio la seguridad. Por eso nuestras landings personalizadas y/o wifi portátil (smartWE) llevan instalados su certificado SSL y otros protocolos para que toda la información recogida a través de la página quede guardada de forma que solo tenga acceso la gente autorizada.

Here in smartable we think that security is not a joke, and it is a very important thing in the digital world. This is why our custom ladings and smartWE always have their SSL certificate, and another security protocol. It makes that all data collected through the website will be safe.


We hope you like this post about web security!
And, above all, it can work to improve your web or ecommerce.

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