Mini phone: why are not all the same and you should be careful with what you buy


We all know that there are two big "A's" in the online sale of millions of products.

It's like going to a supermarket with a lot of interesting things where you can stay for hours and hours and end up buying half a house or maybe nothing.

There are so many products so there are also a lot of suppliers.

You can find that shirt that you like so much from a thousand different suppliers, with some variation of prices, opinions and even qualities. Because yes, it seems to be the same shirt that in that store, but it turns out that it is not.

But, when you washed them two or three times, the drawing is cracked, or the fabric is not of good quality, it does not perspire your skin etc ....

Well, with technology, the same thing happens, it may seem the same product, but it is not. The characteristics are totally different.

 We are not saying: FOR GOD DO NOT BUY EVER ONLINE IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE SUPPLIERS! Because it would be silly, since there are many high-quality brands that offer products at a good price. We only tell you that you must be careful about where buy your products online and offline.

 Here we come with the theme of small phones, or also called mini phone. They have a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes ... well that's not so much.


Small mobile phones or miniphone, unuseful?

We can talk a lot about miniphone features or make a comparative table between any mini-phone chosen at random from an online sales portal with a smartPEA and c'est fini.

But we think that anyone can do that, so we decided to test it, without strange comparisons.

We contacted Alicia, a very athletic girl, lover of outdoor sports, and willing to do whatever she loves, to take our smartPEA to one of her famous bike trips on the mountain and then we give your opinion.

We teach you everything said by Alicia herself in this video:

As you see, we prefer to listen what a person thinks and how can you really use it.

Alicia is not the only one who has tried our smartPEA, we have two more guys with a similar profile who have tested them and made a review on their YouTube channel, they recommend some more technical features.

Now you might think: “If these small phones have some materials made in China, why do they tell me these crazy people are better quality than others out there in the market?"

Are these small mobiles manufactured in China?

Ok, it's a good question. When we talk about materials from Asia, it does not mean that they are of poor quality. Since brands like Xiaomi or Lenovo have many technological products of good quality and at a super affordable price.

 But of course, our mini smartphone is made with European materials and was born after doing several tests and improvements with it.

 For a few more eurillos, no more problems connectivity (And if your SIM card does not work? Or you have problems for not having your own IMEI.) Furthermore, the pigment of numbers and keys will take centuries to be erased (even if you give good use) ).

Have not we convinced you yet that you should be careful when shopping online?

Surely you have that friend or that friend who has bought something, the cheapest and nicest that he found, because "neither is he going to use it much", or "well, total, nothing happens if it breaks". Since you buy something, unless it fulfills its function, right?

A few weeks go by and it already gives problems,


Charging (the battery does not last two days),

"This key does not work because it fell off the table"

" in the technical service they do not solve anything to me".


 This may happen 1 in 3 cases, yes, but it happens. In the end you end up laughing, and you stop buying from that supplier / brand or maybe it was bad luck, who knows, but you learned the lesson.

The most important thing is that both the product and the pre-sales and after-sales service are of the best possible quality. That, if you do not understand the instructions, have someone to go to, or if there is a fault, they will solve it.

We hope you enjoyed our entry on online shopping and the different product qualities! And, above all, to serve you in your day to day.

Do you have any doubt? Something to add? Do not hesitate to tell us! You can contact us through the form or send us an email to^ _ ^

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