The talent and innovation equation that can not be missing when you talk about entrepreneurship


This week we want to talk about talent, how is import and how to attract it. The management of human  resources environment is also changing, according to "Top Employers Institute", they are already living great transformations and exponential acceleration.

Beyond trends, we believe that, especially if we are thinking about young talent, it is very important for companies lead the acquisition of talent and the value proposition to the employee.

Talent in Start Ups

If we talk about a startup like ours, whose resources are limited, could be complicated finance innovation, and call the attention of talented people could be even more.

For this reason, an "onboarding" program is essential. What used to be an isolated action that lasted a few days, will be a process that begins before the employees join the organization and lasts for up to one year.

Increasing the use of "gamification", planning the job career, are the first things to evaluate when we are choosing candidates, beyond the proposal of retribution that seems to be in the background.

Once we know what they expect from us, we must be transparent and make things clear from the beginning, how cool could be your internships in a technology-based startup, creating from day one, forming part of a multi-disciplinary team, learning and growing the business, where you can grow professionally because what you should look for is continuity, but where should you look for that talent?

How can we find the talent?

It is important to have agreements with Universities and Professional Schools, in our case we collaborate with the University of Alicante, Miguel Hernández University and the Polytechnic University of Valencia, together with the Santander Scholarships and the Erasmus + European Commission program, highly recommended for recent graduates.

They want to go to another country in the European Union and learn what it is to be an entrepreneur with a "host" for several months.

Above all, for early stages of entrepreneurship like ours, with limited resources, the candidate's involvement and retribution must be in line with the company possibilities, he must feel valued and know that he is part of the organization from the beginning, that he is creating and that operate the product / service in which it participates in the market, there will be continuity over time.

It is not about exploiting or taking advantage of young people prepared but we have to support them from their beginnings, in exchange for their work you have to "mentor them" and that implies time, it is usually cheaper to hire a professional but, if we do not give opportunities, they will not become the excellent professionals that will undoubtedly be with time (experience).

We must not ignore the female talent, unfortunately the number of women in technical careers is minimal, although they have much to say at the level of management and operational management.

smartable is very open to talent not only because we think that without opportunities there is no future but because we need to grow and we can not do it without talent.

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