The present Cookies Policy intends to give the necessary information so that any user of the website can decide whether they desire to allow the installation of cookies used by SMARTABLE and how to manage them. For that, we provide a series of basic notions whose knowledge we consider essential (what are cookies and how can they be used or how to deactivate or eliminate them) for any internet user, and we facilitate the identification of our cookies.

The information about Cookies Policy of SMARTABLE is provided through two layers: the first, a “notice” at the foot of the page of the website, adverting about the installation of cookies not exempts  - describing their purpose - en the case of carrying on to browse internet without changing la configuration of the browser. Also, it gives a link to the present Policy so the user can get to know with more detail, its content and operation, this being the second layer of information.

Our Cookies policy is public and permanently accessible through a link on the web named “Cookies”, to which users can gain access to keep themselves informed at all time.

This Cookies Policy can de updated at any moment, as consequence of a  change or configurations change of the cookies used.

SMARTABLE can use cookies and other similar technologies to keep and recuperate information of terminal machines of the users of their website.

The cookies are archives or computer programs, sent to a browser through a web server, that keep information of the machine used by the user, when accessing o navigating a web site, and allow access to the installation. In other words, elements of information that a website installs en the device when they visit. These devices can contain information about browsing habits  of the users o the machine in which they are installed, o can also we used to meet the user.

Types of Cookies

There are different types of cookies en function of the purpose for which they are used. SMARTABLE used the following cookies:

Technical Cookies: Those that allow the user to browse the website and use different options or services that exist, such as, login, access to restricted sections, perform the process of purchase or share content on social media. 

Analytic cookies: Those that allow us to perform a tracking and analysis of the behaviour of website users. We use Google Analytics to perform analysis. The conditions of these services can be consulted on the following addresses:

Publicity Cookies: they allow us to manage, the most effective way possible, the advertising spaces of our website, in function of criteria such as edited content o the frequency in which our adverts are visualized.

Social cookies: those that providers of social media services can install when the user selects to share certain content from our website on a social media. The conditions of these services can be found on the following addresses:



Google Plus/YouTube:


The cookies that SMARTABLE uses are anonymous and don’t provide references that allow to deduct personal data from users. The only non anonymous cookies, that is, that allow the identification of the user, are those that the user activates voluntarily, and in consequence, authorises their installation, when selecting “Remind me throughout 15 days” when accessing “Client Area” of the website. These cookies store the name of the user en their terminal machine, like a hash of the user name and password, throughout 15 days, with the exclusive purpose of giving access to restricted areas to the  user without having to introduce them manually every time. To get to know our personal Protection of Data Policy consult out Privacy Policy. 

Managing Cookies

The installation of cookies will happen after receiving consent by the user. We consider we have obtained this consent if the user browses our website o performs certain actions that imply the express authorization of the installation of cookies (for example when selecting “remind me throughout 15 days” o registering on Smartable).

If the user desires to revoke the consent lent, they should eliminate the installed cookies, and change the preferences about accepting cookies using the options of the browser. To avoid cookies being installed in the future they should activate the options of Private Navigator or “Do Not Track” planned on their navigator, this is, block or deactivate the installation of cookies.

To allow, block or eliminate cookies installed in your device through the configuration of the options of the navigator installed, your must follow the instructions given by the navigator. As follows, we provide the links to configure the cookies from the most popular navigators:

Internet Explorer:  Eliminate and administrate Cookies

Mozilla Firefox: Erase cookies; Prevent web sites from storing your preferences or session status in Firefox

Google Chrome: How to administrate Cookies and data from websites

Opera: Cookies

Safari: Safari web settings

If you use any other navigator or the links provided do not contain the information you want, you can find how to manage the cookies accessing the menu “Options” or “Configuration” - or equivalent - on the navigator, or consulting the sections “Help” or “Support” of the navigator.

There are navigators that allow to configure special rules - exceptions - to administrate the cookies by website, in a way that they can be disabled from all the sites except ones in which they trust.

In the case of blocking or deactivating the use of cookies in your navigator, it’s possible that some services or features of the web page aren’t available.

Remember that you must configure your preferences en all the devices that you use to navigate internet.  

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