New members in our family smartable


Hi smarters!

Good news: we grow up!

But not in the way you are thinking…We have three members more in smartable’s family

Elena Tur, Copywriter & digital marketing strategist.

The first member we are going to introduce you is Elena Tur, our marketing strategist and copywriter from South Korea. sorry, it's just a joke. She was born in Alicante and she is a huge fan of Asia anf knows the language very well.

What it's her speciality? Copywriting.

Ok, what does a copywriter do? A copywriter or copy is the person who write the texts in advertising to persuade ypur target. 

Do you think that she is going to persuade you?

Besides, Elena helps self-employed and little business to improve their strategy online and boost your business.

Elena: “I have a little piece of my heart in Seul, South Korea (Yes, South, not North) where I was studyng during six months. Asian world, plants and write are three of my pasions. I love to travel and the photography too. I know something about SEO, brangind and design

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Gian Marco, international business booster.

In second place we are to introducing you to Gianmarco, our handsome italian guy, born in Cerdeña and he is living in Spain now.

He i sour conection with the rest of the world. He has a restless mind that improve the busisness because he has a lot curiosities about our world.

We believe in pasion as a engine of the world, and Gianmarco is graduated in biology, but his pasion and interest about technology and marketing make the difference and he can come to us to advance and create his own way with some stones, but it will productive.

 Gianmarco: “I am a relaxed person, and I love to know new people and different cultures”

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Yasmina, Online and offline Communication & social networks.

To finish this post, we are going to introduce you to Yasmina. She is studying advertising and public relations at University Of Alicante. She is going to work all about online and offline communication, our website and our social networks.

She has a lot of ways to find out, but she has decided a special spot to us until she ends the degree.

We are sure about we have a lot to learn about her and she about us, we are the perfect combination.

Yasmina: “I am a person who has a lot of tools to do whatever you ask to me, I love learn new thinngs. I never say that I don’t know something, I prefer to say that I don’t alredy know. I love all about communication”

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