Portable WIFI and new projects in INVAT.TUR emprende at CdT Alicante


Last Monday we attended to the pitch that closes this phase of the INVAT.TUR emprende program, where we presented the development of our service "WE Love BATt" (WEBAT) and more.

We are connected society. Everybody likes to be always connected, even in coffee shops, franchises, hotels, trips etc. WIFI is part of us.

So, this adventure began at the end of April of this year. We continued promoting our services to companies and received a call from INVAT.TUR (What they told us was very interesting)

Thanks to INVAT.TUR Emprende for this chance!

INVAT.TUR is the Valencian Institute of Tourist Technologies. A center where all the innovations, meetings of companies and agents of the tourism sector gather together.

It’s a big opportunity because the sector that stands out most in the Valencian community is tourism.

We knew in advance that this institution was very interesting and we would learn a lot about our target buyer (franchises, restaurants, bars and companies in the tourism sector).

If you have a franchise, restaurant, hotel or some events regularly do not miss our services: smartWE and smartBAT. The flagship product that we presented at INVATUR EMPRENDE was WEBAT.

New adventure in INVAT.TUR Emprende

We started the courses talking about business creation and a mentoring itinerary. We were very surprised by the quality and professionalism of the speakers. EVERYTHING was GREAT for now.

A few months of work awaited us. From project management and processes to legislation.

This experience allowed us to take another step on our project. Because, you will be wondering what we had in mind, right?

Well, I'll give you a clue. It starts with an S.

Still can not think of anything? I’ll give you another clue.

When are you going to a restaurant what are you looking for?

Comfort, good service, quality etc ... And something else?

WIFI right?

And if you run out of battery and you are traveling for work in another city, what do you do? Where can you charge your mobile?

In the same cafeteria or restaurant.

We mixed those two things together (WIFI + Battery) and we call it WEBAT. It’s the fusion of our two services smartWE and smartBAT.

smartWE (FREE Wifi) + innovation and marketing focus+ Invat.tur = a WIN-WIN combination.

We start the course with the idea of improve and validate our prodcut product. So, many new ideas came on the way.

Last Monday we attended to the final round of the program: We presented your finished project and the subsequent delivery of diplomas.

A great day, full of creative people who are going to save the world with their fresh ideas.

Why and how was WEBAT born?

Our needs have been changing little by little over time, and not so little by little. Do you know the Maslow pyramid?

Below we observe what we would call "the primary needs", which if they are not met we are in a state of discomfort and not absolute realization.

As you go up, (it does not mean that the needs are smaller, but only that in the scale we prefer to have food to success in our work, which seems to be quite logical.

This is the twentieth century pyramid, which is not that far away compared to these days. But it has changed. Now two more steps have been added to the bottom, that is, to basic needs.

You will think that it is an exaggeration, but it is not. You can look for any study related to these needs and they will tell you that many people prefer to have wifi and not to shower, for example.

For this reason, in smartable , we have contemplated these needs and we realized that in many sectors they were not taken as important as they really are.

smartBAT a useful portable battery to add value to your business.

The result was the smartBAT portable battery that can be fixed or not, so that people in restaurants, bars, events, hairdressers, waiting rooms, etc., can charge their phones or tablets.

Because has it happened to you that you have an important conversation, or you wait for an e-mail, and you do not have battery because you have not passed through the house?

Or you are in that waiting room full of magazines, but without any plug in sight because who has it will not let go unless you defeat him in a pitched battle ...

With the smartBAT you can connect several devices at once, and you can have as many as you want, without leaving anyone without energy to spend your day, adding value to your company.

This is not all, because we still need wifi. Yes, in almost all places we have wifi, but what is not contemplated, whether you are a client or an entrepreneur, is that it is not safe to give your wifi password or access to a public network.

They call us paranoid bu t…do you know that if you give the password of your wifi you are giving all the data of your clients and also yours? Do you know that if you access a public network you are opening a door to your device and everything that goes with it?

Yes, in the blink of an eye all your data could be in another device.

But do not worry, there’s nothing that has no solution.

In smartable, we created a small and discreet gadget that fulfills the function of "security guard" with an added value which is wifi marketing.

Wifi + security + marketing

How? The marketing action consists in a landing page that will appear every time your customers want to access your Wi-Fi networks. There you can ask them for their email and sending them a "thank you for visiting us", opinions about a new product or service, etc., It’s a way of connecting it in a non-intrusive way.

It will only take a second and you will also see your brand as one of those few who cares about their customers satisfaction.

We have fulfilled the basic needs of the 21st century, but we have something more ...

We merge these two basic needs with our products and services forming: WEBAT


It is very simple, we (wifi) love batt (battery). In case you had not noticed, we love word games.

All in one, battery and wifi so you have the complete pack for your customers, Battery and wifi safe for them and for you.

And don’t forget about wifi marketing where you can make statistics, see if a product or service works, talk with your customers from you to you, and make them feel part of your business.

Because we forget what really matters a lot of times, the wifi and the battery.

No, we were just kidding. The important thing is that we are people, we need to be heard and say what we think, and you as a brand / company / business can give your customers that human part that we need, but sometimes we seem to forget about it.

Add that value, because the intangible is what really differentiates you from your competition.

smartWE, smartBAT and WEBAT are some of the products and services offered by smartable IoT, S.L.U., a company registered by the Valencian Tourism Agency in the registry of companies, establishments and tourist professions of the Valencian Community as a tourism company of complementary services.

SMARTABLE IOT, S.L.U. - C.I.F: B54985536. San Eloy, 14 - 03804, Alcoy/Alcoi (Alicante) España